Conejo Productions – The Unique Ladies


Cruising low and slow through the streets of Chicano San Diego is the city’s only all women’s car club, the Unique Ladies. Members Pat and Sherry turn heads with their show stopping vehicles, and cause a stir by challenging the gender norm: where men rule the road and women take the sidelines. Although it’s been a constant struggle to keep their club alive, they’ve managed to make it to their fifth year. Now the ladies want to take it a step further and expand the club, inviting another lady lowrider to their club, Linda. Their progress encounters a few bumps on the road as the lowrider scene in still resistant to women taking the driver’s seat.

A 3-minute trailer for the forthcoming documentary to premiere in early 2013. The Unique Ladies seeks to highlight and permeate the historical archive of women’s involvement in lowrider culture.


Additional Credits

Videography & Editing – Jesus Rosales Jr.